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When it comes to your home or commercial property you can’t take any chances when it comes to water drainage. Those living within Toronto and the GTA are well aware of the extreme weather conditions we face from winter’s snow storms, spring’s melt off, to the rainy days of summer and the damp nights of fall. Due to these extremes in weather we face one can not discount the importance of a proper drainage system, and without question the best available option out there are the copper eavestroughs provided by the experts at Copper Works Canada.
Unquestioned Reliability 
Copper eavestroughs are your most durable and long lasting option when it comes to water drainage for your property. Copper lasts up to around 100 years with added benefit of being a rust free metal! Eavestroughs made out of other materials such as aluminum, steal or plastic although initially may seem cheaper often end up costing you more money down the road. Aluminum and steal are both prone to rust, which of course weaken and corrode spots in the eavestroughs. This can lead to leakage, which at the end of the day could be the catalyst for water damage and an expensive bill to you. Plastic options for eavestroughs are initially your cheapest option but often need to be replaced every ten years or so, really making copper eavestroughs the most reliable and cheapest option. A little bit more money up front can save you so much more down the road making copper eavestroughs the best option for the smart property owner.
An Attractive Option
Copper eavestrouphs are not only the most reliable option, but they can also be the most esthetically pleasing, potentially adding to the property value of the structure they are attached to! Eavestroughs although often initially overlooked are highly visible acting like a trim outlining your home or place of business, adding to the curb appeal turning what could otherwise be a dull exterior into something that has classic yet classy appeal. When thinking of copper on structures the thing that often comes to mind is the copper roof tops found on the parliament buildings here in Canada, or those found in London England. When these roof tops get a bit older they take on a green colour, your copper eavestroughs will do the same giving your property a distinguished vintage look!
The Running Theme of Green
When choosing copper as an option for your eavestrough drainage system green seems to be the running theme. In the long run copper will not only save you green (money), as well as physically turn green, copper also happens to be one of the most environmentally sound options of metal to use! When using copper eavestroughs for you home approximately 55% of the material used is recycled, that in conjunction with the long life of copper eavestroughs you’ll not only be doing yourself favor but the planet one as well.
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